Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church
New Haven, Connecticut
Orthodox Church in America
OCMC Missionary Presentation

We welcome today, February 23rd, Steve Sarigianis, son of James and Florence Sarigianis.  James occasionally attends Vespers here.  Steve grew up here in CT, attended St. Barbara Church in Orange, and graduated from Holy Cross Seminary with an M.Div. Degree in 2015.  Steve’s grandparents are Fr. Steven and Presvytera Electra Sarigianis.  Fr. Steven is attached to St. Barbara Church in retirement.  Steve and his wife Theophani were married in 2017, and are preparing for a missionary trip to Albania. You can find a full write-up and contact information to support them here.

During coffee hour they will be offering a brief presentation with the hope of raising necessary funds for their missionary journey.  Please consider supporting them.  OCMC Mission Sunday is March 1st.

Lenten Teen Retreat

The OCA Diocese of New York & New Jersey welcomes all Middle & High School Teens to attend its Lenten Teen Retreat April 3-5 at the Greenkill YMCA Retreat Center in Huguenot, NY. The retreat is open to all OCA dioceses and Orthodox jurisdictions.  You can download a flyer here, or go directly to the retreat link to register here.

Activities will include adventure course, archery, team building, hiking, gymnasium, campfire and more. The firm registration deadline is March 19th. To register contact Danielle Geeza at (914) 768-3735 or by email

National Scouting Recognition Sunday: February 9, 2020

Sunday, February 9th was designated as national Scouting Recognition Sunday by the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops.  Archbishop David of Sitka and all Alaska is our OCA Episcopal Liaison to the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting.  You can access his letter here.  Since Fr. Steven was away Sunday the 9th, this Sunday our parish scouts are invited to come to the Liturgy this Sunday, February 16th, wearing their scouting uniforms, and be recognized for their participation in scouting along with adults assisting them.

Annual Parish Meeting: Third Announcement, February 2, 2020

The 2020 annual parish meeting will be today, Sunday, February 2nd following the Divine Liturgy and coffee hour.  We will be receiving reports, approving a budget for the year, electing parish council officers and members, and discussing old and new business for the good of our parish.  (Please see  by-law amendments to be considered here.)  As indicated in our parish by-laws, voting members of the parish are those who have participated in the holy sacraments of Confession and Communion in our parish at least once during 2019, and who have indicated as least a minimum of support for the parish by fulfilling the basic commitment for 2019.  This third official notice is printed in today’s bulletin, posted here on our website and announced aloud in church.  As required by our by-laws, it has been repeated a three times in the same places.

Metropolitan Tikhon's Sanctity of Life Letter

Dear Clergy and Faithful of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church:

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon has issued a letter for the Sanctity of Life Sunday.  You can download the full letter here.  Below is an excerpt of his letter:

"Yet we know that despite our efforts to do good, each of us falls at times and does evil. But with incredible compassion, our God who knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb still loves and respects us. He still loves each and every human being, despite our faults and mistakes, even those who have made terrible mistakes and have worked evil.

Thus, if we recognize that our purpose in this life is to become images of God, we must also forgive, help, pray for, and love all those who have committed wrong. In imitation of our loving God, whose mercy is immeasurable, we too must love those who have been involved in the evil of abortion, showing mercy and compassion to the poor, desperate, and confused parents who have committed abortions, and praying fervently for the repentance of abortion doctors and advocates everywhere. We must love them and forgive them their sins, knowing that God loves all of humanity and is willing to forgive all sins.

At the same time, we cannot allow any excuse for abortion. We firmly believe that a new person comes into being in the moment of conception, and because of this, we must ever strive to prevent abortions from happening, making sure our local communities know of the many Christian-supported pregnancy crisis services available to unprepared and confused young parents. In turn, our churches must ever be willing to love and help such parents and their unborn children."

In Christ,

Archpriest Steven Voytovich




Weather-Related Service Cancellation Plan

Historically Holy Transfiguration Church has seldom canceled services due to weather.  Should we need to cancel services during these winter months, however, here are several means of ascertaining whether services have been canceled at Holy Transfiguration: 

1) The website calendar on the front page is always updated if changes are made to the service calendar, and would reflect cancelation as soon as that determination is made.

2) An e-mail will certainly be sent out sharing cancellation.

3)  Watch your television (WTNH Channel 8), at the bottom of the screen, scrolling cancelations.  Holy Transfiguration Church will appear there if/when services are canceled. 

Please exercise caution when determining your course of action during inclement weather, if services are not canceled.

Nativity Feast Letter from Metropolitan Tikhon

His Beatitude, The Most Blessed Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of North America and Canada, and Locum Tenens of the Diocese of New England, has issued his pastoral letter on the occasion of the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  You can access his letter here

Let us continue to pray for Metropolitan Tikhon during our period of transition in our diocese, and remember our beloved Archbishop Nikon, of blessed memory, during the feast.

With love in Christ,

Fr. Steven

Supporting our Veterans

Supporting our Veterans: Nancy and Jean will be collecting money for gifts for our veterans.  Please make your donation before December 8th.  Gifts will be purchased with the proceeds, to be wrapped on December 8th (December 15th snow date).  Volunteers are also welcome to come and assist in wrapping these gifts.  Thank you for your generosity!



November 13, 2019 

To:    Our Parishioners, 

From:     Matushka Lydia and Susan Papdemetris on behalf of the Parish Council

As you know every year we participate in the “Adopt-a-Family “ charity sponsored by the Family Services of Connecticut in New Haven. 

This year we are adopting a family of three – a 56 year-old grandmother raising her 9 year old and 12 year old grandsons. Their family story is on the attachment, which follows this memo. 

Their Christmas “wish list” is also attached. The “wish list” will be on the table under the icon in our parish hall. Please look through the items, choose one or two and write your name next to the item(s). If you usually do not come down to coffee hour, please let either Susan or Matushka Lydia know by email or text what you would like to purchase. You might choose to purchase an item jointly with another parishioner. Please put a check next to your name(s), after you have brought the gift to church. 


Thank you. Enjoy your shopping spree! The last date for receiving gifts is Sunday, December 8th.

Please click here to see page 1, and here for page 2, of the attachments sent out by e-mail.

Holy Transfiguration Time and Talent Pledge Form

This is the same form that was e-mailed to all parishioners.  It is reproduced here for ease of access.  Thank you for taking the time to complete your pledge to parish life!

For pledge-related questions, please see either Fr. Steven or Thomas Eisenmann, Council President.

Camp At Home In November Announced

Our OCA New England Youth Department is teaming up with the Youth and Parish Ministries Department of the Antiochian Diocese of Worcester and New England!  This was announced at our recent diocesan assembly.  A "Camp At Home" overnight program is planned for November 15-16.  You can download a flyer here, or click here to register!






















Stewards of the OCA (SOCA)

Metroopolitan Tikhon designated this past Sunday as Steward Sunday.  You can download a copy of the letter here that appears below.








































October is Stewardship Month -- Week IV















































October is Stewardship Month -- Week III

























October is Stewardship Month -- Week II




















October is Stewardship Month

Stewardship Month 2019:  Week I

We’re Almost There!

At the February annual meeting, the Parish Council explained the need for increased giving in 2019. After our September meeting, we are

delighted to report that giving for the first 2/3 of the year has been strong! We offer both our gratitude and our encouragement to keep it up

for the rest of 2019!

Thank you!




Diocesan Survey Link

The following is a communication from Fr. Steven Hosking, who is currently serving on our New England Diocesan Council.  There is presently an effort underway to develop a strategic plan for our diocese, and this survey represents the collection of data toward that effort.  As the communication indicates, results of this survey will be shared and discussed at our upcoming diocesan assembly later this month.  Please note, this link will close on October 9th

[Please share this with your parishioners and parishes throughout the Diocese.

As you are a part of a parish belonging to the Diocese of New England, with the blessing of our Chancellor and the Diocean Council, we would like you to participate in a survey about parish life. The results of this survey will be used and discussed at the upcoming Diocese Assembly. Thank you.


In Christ,
Fr Steven Hosking]

40th Day Services for Archbishop Nikon
40th Day Connecticut Deanery Memorial Service for His Eminence, Archbishop NIKON
From our Deanery Dean, Archpriest John Hopko:
[Glory to Jesus Christ! 
As decided and determined at our recent Deanery Clergy Meeting, please announce and plan yourself to participate in the following event.

On Wednesday evening, October 9, the Eve of the 40th Day of Repose of His Eminence, our Archbishop NIKON, beginning at 7:00 PM, we will celebrate a solemn Memorial Service (“Panikhida”) at Saints Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Church, Terryville, CT. All Members of the CT Deanery, clergy and lay, are invited to attend and participate in this service. The service will be followed by fellowship time with light refreshments appropriate to a fasting day. Those who wish to bring some food to share are cordially invited to do so. Clergy who wish to concelebrate are asked to bring white or gold vestments. On this solemn occasion, priests will be vested in epitrachelion, phelonion, and cuffs, and deacons in full vestments. For further information, please contact Fr. John Hopko, Dean of the Connecticut Deanery and Pastor of the Terryville Parish.

Thank you

In Christ,

Fr. John Hopko
CT Dean]

Communication to our New England Diocese from the Holy Synod

The following is a communication from our Chancellor, Archpriest John Kreta.  His Beatitude sent a letter to be read in church this past Sunday (you can view the letter read on Sunday, here), and this communication was shared at our Parish Council Meeting this past Tuesday evening.  All of these materials will also be posted on our bulletin board.

Dear Brothers in Christ:

Attached, please find two PDF documents, prepared by His Eminence Archbishop Michael on behalf of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America with regard to our Diocese.
1) Letter prefacing the Decree announcing the vacancy of the office of Bishop of the Diocese of New England and the confirmation of His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON, as Locum Tenens.
Please inform  all of your faithful and parishioners of these decisions of the Holy Synod.
May His Eminence's memory be eternal!   
In Christ,
Archpriest John Kreta
Chancellor, Diocese of New England
Social Media Release Form

In the packet of materials forwarded to parishioners prior to our annual parish meeting is an Image Release Form.  In case anyone needs extra copies, you can find the form here.  Please plan to bring them, signed, to Sunday's meeting.

With gratitude in Christ,

Fr. Steven