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New Haven, Connecticut
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Beginning with the week of Nov. 22nd, we are encouraged to only celebrate the Divine Liturgy in church, per letter from His Beatitude, our Metropolitan Tikhon, our Locum Tenens.  We have already been moving in this direction out of an abundance of caution.

Beginning September 27th, we will be celebrating a weekly vespers one night during the week, and Divine Liturgy on Sundays.  Saturday Vespers will remain virtual for the time being.

Beginning August 12, 2020 our church is partially opening, celebrating Vespers one night during the week and Divine Liturgy on Saturday.  Please use weekly bulletin as guide for these services, and also see the instructions there for requesting to attend services.

Beginning with March 22nd, as our churches have been closed through guidance by His Beatitude, our Metropolitan Tikhon, Locum, tenens of our diocese, the weekly bulletins will instead offer helpful information to our parish faithful, and share the approximate schedule of home vespers celebrated at Fr. Steven's home.  You can see youtube recordings of them here, or see live recordings on our Holy Transfiguration facebook page.

Beginning with our March 8th weekly bulletin, the links will now be live!  You can click on any blue underlined text, representing hyperlinks, and you will be taken to those locations. 

Thank you for accessing our weekly bulletins.  Come and "join us" for home service celebrations!

Weekly Bulletin

June 13, 2021

June 6, 2021

May 30, 2021